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"unadulterated and complete delight"

Funny Women FIVE STARS

"So rarely do I see female acts that are uninhibited enough and possess the sense of ridiculousness needed to deliver a show of this kind"

The Sunday Times  FOUR STARS

"Double act Roisin and Chiara mix a bubbling, slightly twisted blend of the Mighty Boosh, House of Pain and James Joyce - call it stream-of-consciousness messy art-house disco hip- hop comedy... Beautifully silly" 


"Phenomenal anarchic energy... fearless...With more chemistry than a meth lab, they are imposing, mesmerising, dynamic...they will be unstoppable"


"Roisin and Chiara are tacling the big questions and getting even bigger laughs doing it."

Three Weeks  FIVE STARS

"sensual, spiritual, baffling, staggering... hilariously unpredictable ... their improvisation is phenomenal. 


A high energy hour of improvisation and sketches from a pair fizzing with chemistry

If e-numbers were people, they’d be Roísín and Chiara.... Mostly surreal, at times alarming, but always brilliant.


A mad, mad world made crazier by mushrooms and madcap moments.  Róisín & Chiara throw all cautions to every wind and come up with the daft goods... A mad show full of crazy things, with laughter acting as the perfect soundtrack.


There are a lot of double acts on the Fringe, and while they all have their quirks and variations, they often seem to be cut from the same cloth. Not so Roisin and Chiara who bring a unique brand of bonkers energy to their surreal show.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funny FIVE STARS

The duo behind Wild at Heart presented a surreal sketch show without seams; flawlessly observed accents and mannerisms created a kaleidoscope of character that was both true to life and completely otherworldly. This is wacky character comedy for a modern age, brought to you by two phenomenally talented writer/performers. If you’ve got the heart, you’re in for a wild ride.

The Bedford Clanger  FIVE STARS

Fizzing with energy, the fun and feisty comediennes’ set is a kick-ass collage of manic, moving and mystical moments, neatly tied together by Roisin and Chiara’s  knack at vibing off of each-other’s energy.  As the end nears, you don’t want it to stop, you want to your heart to beat a little faster, for a little longer, so you too can be Wild At Heart.



Funny Women - 2016 Ones to Watch

 Roisin and Chiara are a pair of improvising geniuses, described by Broadway Baby as “The Mighty Boosh on acid.”  They are incredibly skilled performers and so in sync with each other you wouldn’t know that the majority of their show was improvised.



Broadway Baby FIVE STARS

 The Mighty Boosh on acid.  This show is unmissable.


Fringe Review - Highly Recommended Show

Charismatic, madcap, often hilarious, deliciously uncomfortable, this is a very impressive show...Wild at Heart is, indeed, wild, but it is also full of heart.


Performance Reviewed FIVE STARS

Goldsmith and O’Mahony work in perfect harmony as a pair.

Squirrel Comedy

As the audience enters they are greeted by the hosts and offered sweeties. Roisin O’Mahony and Chiara Goldsmith then perform a show which I can only describe as crazy, silly and ridiculously funny. The bribery is unnecessary, because this is an awesome show.



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